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Lab Alarm Instructions

Before you enter the lab and before you leave the lab, make sure you know your alarm code! Failing to arm or disarm the alarm may revoke your access privileges to the CCLS lab, and will definitely alert campus police.

Arming or Disarming the Alarm

If you are the first person to enter, you will likely set off the alarm. Act calmly, but quickly, to avoid alerting the campus police. You have 60 seconds to disarm the alarm, which is plenty of time; it typically takes 5-10 seconds to disarm the alarm.

If you are the last person to leave, be sure to arm the alarm. You will have 30 seconds to leave once you have armed the alarm, or you will set off the alarm.

1. Locate the alarm
2. Approach the alarm
3. Open the alarm access door to reveal the keypad
4. Key in your CCLS alarm code.
5. Close the alarm access door.
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